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Sunday Service
10:00 a.m.

Self-Awareness & The Enneagram

Self-Awareness Practice

We’ve developed a series of self-awareness questions to ask ourselves whenever we have an afflictive emotion.

We ask ourselves, of course, but the real benefit is when we talk about those questions with somebody we trust. We’ve found it a deeply transformative practice. We hope you’ll learn the practice with us, trying it out with somebody with experience, but eventually becoming someone with experience, someone who can do the practice with others.


Kristi Phillips

Kristi Phillips

Kristi has been doing our self-awareness practice for years, and helping others do the same. Talk to her. She’ll help you get good at the practice.

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a roadmap to our personalities. It helps us unearth our core motivations, and our core lies.

It helps us disempower the shadow side, and loosen its hold on us. You can participate in a Saturday seminar, join a group, attend some mini-seminars, or just drop in with Enneagram questions.

Robin Camu

Robin Camu

We are very fortunate that Robin Camu is part of our community. She’s a counselor and, having been immersed in the Enneagram for years, has become something of an expert in the field.