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Sunday Service
10:00 a.m.

Contemplative Practices

Letting Go of the Ego Self

When we meditate, we breathe and we let go of tension in our bodies, and the constant thoughts in our heads. We breathe and let go. We breathe and let go.

And it turns out, when we make that a steady practice, over time we become less attached to, less driven by, less compelled by our thoughts, our beliefs, our personality habits, and our emotions. We become more able to access the Inner Light, and live more centered and loving lives.

We have contemplative groups and events throughout the year to help each other be steady in our practice.

Contemplative Events

Sue Kemple

Sue Kemple

Sue is our executive minister and contemplative practices leader. When you’re ready to start, talk to her. She’ll get you connected.

Meditation Videos

Meditation Audio

Making Space For The Other

A guided self-examination on the theme of our current lesson. Explores our brain's unconscious tendency to frame others in two categories, inferior or superior. Take a few moments of self-examination, and as always, talk with a spiritual friend, about what you see...

A Meditation On Our To-Do Lists

This practice has been one of my most helpful forms of self-examination (Doug). It's a meditation on what makes it onto my to-do list (and why it makes it there). Instead of an online meditation, this recording is a description of the practice. Get something to write...

Meditation: A Life-Rhythm That Works

A self-examination meditation, considering the balance between doing and not-doing, productivity and not-productivity time. Turns out both are essential for living well. Have a listen. And, join the chat group, talk to one another about our experiences.