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Sunday Service
10:00 a.m.


A Better World. A Better Self.

We serve the world, because the world needs help! But, we also serve the world because so do we. A bunch of ancient wisdom tells us, service is a tried-and-true way to chip away at our ego selves, our false-self compulsions.

At Common Thread, we think about serving others in two categories. Service work and Systems work. Service work is giving a cold person a coat. Systems work is changing the systems that cause cold people to not have coats in the first place.

Systems Work

We are part of ONE Wake, partnering with more than forty other congregations to challenge the systems that cause pain in Wake County. In numbers, we have the power necessary to make real change. From time to time, the whole community shows up for an action, to make an impact. But most of the time, our community’s ONE Wake team works behind the scenes to help organize our collective efforts.

ONE Wake Events

Sarah Kramer

Sarah Kramer

Sarah helps our community coordinate with ONE Wake. When you want to get involved, talk to her. She’ll get you connected.

Community Service

We also partner with several community-service organizations in Wake County through the year. You’ll hear invitations to clean a stream, bring diapers for babies, or make sandwiches for a woman’s shelter.

Community Service Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.
Preston Aldridge

Preston Aldridge

Preston helps coordinate our congregation serving our community. When you want to get involved, talk to him. He’ll get you connected.

Community Care

Being part of a community means mutual care and support. From time to time, all of us go through tough times. When we do, we stand with one another. That’s what healthy community does. Want to be part of the team? Make gift baskets, bring food, mow lawns, etc?

Morgan Herr

Morgan Herr

Morgan Herr is our Community Care Coordinator. She talks with us when we’re having a tough time, discerns what we need, and helps organize the community to stand together. She’ll help you find a way to contribute.