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Sunday Service
10:00 a.m.


If you’re here, you belong.

You’ll hear us say that a lot. Here’s what we mean. Our community doesn’t fit typical religious categories (folks pick that up pretty quickly). But if you’re here, odds are, you don’t either.

Many of our folks are “nones.” We’ve either walked away from, or never had a religious affiliation. Coming from a wide spectrum of spiritual experience, we can’t really organize around everyone believing or behaving the same. We decided instead, to organize around a way of treating one another, and first on that list is accepting each other where we are today, and believing we’ll each keep moving forward.

So we hope you’ll connect with people here. And to help out, we have a group just for newcomers. It starts each fall and spring. We’ll invite you to some pizza lunches after church, we’ll do some online learning together and chat about it with the minister. And hopefully you’ll laugh a lot as you get to know some people.

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Julie Thompson

Julie Thompson

If you’ve got newcomer questions, or if you’d like to be in the next group, Julie Thompson will help you. Catch her on a Sunday, or contact her.