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Sunday Service
10:00 a.m.

This is lesson in between lessons. It is more for people who are part of NRCC than those of you who listen online (though you’re welcome to listen).  Also, it won’t be a proper lesson. It won’t paraphrase and comment on a particular scripture or scriptural principle. No, it will be more of a look at who we are as a community with the intent of helping us draw closer to one another.

Recently, the man in our community who helps people find us on the web asked me for help. To help him design Google campaigns, he wanted me to define the people for whom NRCC is a fit. “Who comes here and stays,” he asked.  “What kind of people find NRCC good for their souls?” So for an hour or so, he asked me questions and feverishly typed out what I said. Together we came up with four personae (plural for “persona…”  who knew?) who find Life at NRCC…

The Community Seeker
The Religious Deconstructor  (and it’s companion the Religious Constructor)
The Disillusioned Church Veteran
The Wilderness Wanderer

These are precious people, and this lesson will help us understand each other, and help us help one another move forward on our journeys.

Have a listen,


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