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Sunday Service
10:00 a.m.

We begin a new lesson today about how this moment in history is playing out in the Christian church. It will be a peek beneath the surface of what we can see happening, and will begin questioning why it is happening. Consequently, this first introductory lesson is pretty out there. For goodness sake, I’m talking about Descartes and Albert Camu! What does that have to do with church?

Well, quite a lot, it turns out.

You and I make the choices we make in life, because of our deeply rooted instincts. And our instincts are shaped by the deep internal stories we tell ourselves about the nature of reality. Well, it turns out that about 70-100 years ago, a bunch of philosophers started telling a “we exist” story (existentialism) that really caught on in Western minds. Their story profoundly shapes the instincts you and I carry around in our guts.

So, if we’re going to hammer out a better life-narrative, we have to know the texture of one we’ve already got.

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