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Sunday Service
10:00 a.m.

As we continue our lesson on the Clutch of Death, we come to where we’ve been heading from the beginning…  one of Jesus’ lessons from Luke 12.  It’s a section in which Jesus teaches how easily our interior narratives derail us into chasing after things which in the end don’t satisfy, don’t fulfill us.

We said last week that we are made of star-dust and God-dust.  The star-dust part lends itself to empirical study.  The God-dust part is just another way of talking about being made in the Divine image. Other ways of saying the same thing are “the indwelling Holy Spirit” and so forth. In essence, we’re saying that the Fruit of the Divine Spirit… fulfillment, satisfaction, peace, joy, and happiness are already in us for God’s Spirit is in us. The very essence of our humanity is Divine in origin and so it is helpful when we frame the spiritual journey as a process by which we dismantle the illusory narratives that keep us from experiencing this truest self; our truest humanity.

In this lesson, I’ll encourage you to keep asking questions of the Divine Inner Voice, asking how it is that your Life-Narrative derails you, how your Story has become untrue, how your Story is keeping you from the deepest longings of your truest self.

Have a listen.


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