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Sunday Service
10:00 a.m.

Today we continue our lesson “The Clutch of Death.”  We’ve seen how we tend to clutch at people, things, and circumstances at the expense of our freedom and connecting to our truest, Divine selves.

We do this because our “Life-Stories,” the narratives that drive our instincts, actions and reactions are faulty.  They drive us, compel us, but don’t purchase us freedom.

At the core of the “ultimacy” stories, is what we believe about God.  Even if we don’t believe there is a God, God (or the absence of God) figures heavily in our framing narratives about “The Way Things Are.”

If our view of God was rooted in a childhood world of magic, or parents…  if our view of God is tainted by an absent father, a demanding coach, or some other faulty projection, we pollute our Stories, and our freedom, our peace, our well-being is stolen away.

In this lesson, I ask you to spend some time thinking about what you think about God. What do you believe about God? What instincts kick in when you try and access God?

Have a listen.


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