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Sunday Service
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Organized religion has a bad name these days. And religious jargon has an even worse one. So when we hear religious words, we tend to glaze over and shut down.

Unless we dig deeply enough to understand what they mean — and where the life and vitality was when the words were first used.

So in this lesson, we’ll look at three religious-jargon words — “sacerdotal,” “consecration,” and “ordination.” Reason being, we’ll have to draw from this rich part of our tradition for our own community life soon. We should know our heritage.

Have a listen,


PS… after the lesson, several in the community asked for a hard copy of the ordination charge I read at the end. Here it is:  d.

We, the community of faith, acknowledging the call of God upon your life, ordain you to a life of service.

And – we charge you to love people:

Those in your own community, and all of God’s people, wherever you encounter them, without regard to race, creed, gender, or lifestyle.

And – we charge you to be studious:

To learn the wisdom of our ancient texts,

To seek Divine wisdom in history – in the study of the natural world – and in your relationship with others.

And – we charge you to quietness:

To regular habits of stillness, and prayer, and reflection.

And – we charge you to a life of virtue:

To uphold the integrity of the spiritual community – by holding to the highest standards of moral conduct.

And if you accept this charge – respond by saying “I do.”


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