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Sunday Service
10:00 a.m.

This is Doug. I’m writing about the lesson Robin gave this day.

I’m writing because Robin would naturally be reluctant to promote her own lesson, and I think it was a very important framing lesson for the future of our community.

It’s important because it tells us what to look for when we find ourselves in intractable conflicts. Early in the week this lesson was given two more black men were killed by white officers. By the end of the week a black man responded by killing several white police officers in Dallas. It was a week that highlighted the intractable conflicts in our society.

Intractable conflicts, Robin instructed us, are formed by an affirming force and a denying force locked in a binary battle with one another. The law of three instructs us to be on the lookout for a third force that will bring about a new reality, a new creation. The third, is called the reconciling force.

The trouble: the reconciling force (the key to creating a new reality) is always hidden. It’s hard to see. It’s hard to find.

Robin reiterated to us the importance of meditation. Meditation help us us awaken to our deeper, truer minds — what Paul called “the renewed mind.” It is there, in that mindset, that we are able to discern the hidden reconciling force which unlocks new realities in our lives — and in our world.

Have a listen.
Really! Have a listen,


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