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Sunday Service
10:00 a.m.

Today, as we continue our lesson rethinking prayer, we come to the mindset necessary for this “seeking-Truth” way of praying.

Self-discipline is necessary to this new way, but that term falls on hard times for many Christians.  We’ve tried and tried to be disciplined with our prayer practices, but they returned so little to our souls.

This lesson talks about applying discipline in such a way that it returns an elevated understanding of Truth, awakens us to the Divine Presence that is always in and around us, and answers to the yearning to see the Divine in our daily lives.

Abhishiktananda, a French Benedictine monk who lived in India, said it this way…
Truly there is nothing in the created universe, in all time and space, which does not manifest God and reveal his glory to mankind. In creating us God made us us able to recognize his manifestation in the world and in events, so that we might respond to it in love.

Have a listen.


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