2011 Ridge Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27607


Sunday Service
10:00 a.m.

Parking this Sunday

The city of Raleigh is prohibiting parking on Ridge Road this weekend only (a house is being moved???) Trey and I have worked out a backup plan for the fifteen or so cars that usually park along the curb and wanted to give you all a heads-up.

First of all, we’ll have folks on the ground helpfully directing traffic. So if you can’t find a spot on your own, we’ll help you. Here are your options:

  • Park in the main lot. Try to leave the spots right in front of the Ridge Road sanctuary clear for their older congregants, they will begin arriving before 10:00 a.m.
  • Park on Ocotea Street (the side street between our chapel and Highlands church). Let’s try to keep that parking just to our side of the road if possible so that there is at least one clear lane for anybody trying to get in and out.
  • There is a back lot behind the Ridge Road sanctuary that may have a few spots available. The entrance is on the right just before you come up to the campus when you are coming from I-440.
  • Hampton Road is along the back of the campus property, and you can park there. You would come up through an empty lot to get to the back of the building.

We’re confident these options will accommodate everyone, and we even have a backup plan beyond that if we get to an overflow situation. So, looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday, and thank you for your cooperation and forbearance this weekend.