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Sunday Service
10:00 a.m.

The idea of God exists at a deep, deep part of our reality. It is a bedrock of our sense of ultimacy. And this shapes our every action and reaction. There is an axiom we use around the church a lot: “you become like the god you worship.” If yours is a punitive god, not long, and you become punitive. If your god says “love, love, love,” but in the end shows up with violence and revenge, yours is a hypocrite god. It’s not long before you will normalize hypocrisy (you’ll call it something less offensive, of course), and soon become a hypocrite.

One of our young people is heading off to South America to work against human trafficking. How he think about his job, how he thinks about the slave-trader (the embodiment of evil) will depends on the god he takes with him.

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