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This is the second of two lessons on conflict resolution. In this lesson we learn the actual technique for resolving conflict. As you heard in part 1, and will have reinforced here, it has more to do with self-awareness and self-disclosure than resolving conflict. Conflict resolution is an off-label use of the technique.

Below is a worksheet to help you prepare for the Message-Sending part of the process. You’ll learn about why you need it when you listen.  Also, the powerpoint for the lesson is below as well.

As mentioned in part 1, if you’re visiting this page because you need help resolving conflict, the first step is to listen to these two lectures. However, I’ve never met anyone who can, having simply listened to a lecture, actually do this technique. It takes coaching, refereeing, and training.

So, if you need help resolving conflict, have a listen, and then click HERE. One of the folks I’ve trained will get back to you and help you through the process.


HANDOUT:  Conflict Resolution:  Message Sending Worksheet
POWERPOINT:  Conflict Resolution – week 2 ppt


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