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Sunday Service
10:00 a.m.

by Scott Shackleton

We have a primarily Caucasian middle-class perspective at NRCC. This greatly influences our perception of what it means to follow Jesus. Many of us were taught that if we followed “the rules” and did enough of the “right things” it would make Jesus happy. Similarly, Jesus would be unhappy if we did the wrong things or did not do enough of the right things. This created a great disparity in association between those who were “in” [the good graces of Jesus] and those who were “out” (i.e. those needing to be redeemed).

While this seems like a natural progression of thought, it starts to contradict the teaching of Jesus on loving our neighbor. In fact, in the story of the good Samaritan, Jesus defines our neighbors as those currently in the “out” group. It also poses challenges to the traditional model of someone in the “in” group helping someone in the “out” group. I propose that we adopt a community model of loving and helping each other.

By becoming a neighbor-loving community we:

  • experience a power that is not based on my power
  • enjoy a safety not dependent on my circumstances
  • sense an affirmation that is deeper and permanent

Listen in to learn more.


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