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Sunday Service
10:00 a.m.

The idea of seeing ourselves as part of a whole rather than separate individuals has many implications if we would follow Jesus’ teaching about loving our neighbors and our enemies.

If we Westerners would love our enemies, the Muslim states come to mind.  If we see them as a “them,” and us as an “us,” well it’s pretty hard not to see a loss for us as a victory for them, and visa versa.  However, if we see them as part of a whole, of which we are a part, it become clear pretty quickly, that serving Muslim interests serves Western interests. Have a listen, I’ll show you how.

The same is true between the upper and lower classes, between friends and family members in conflict, neighbors, churches, and so forth.  When we see the whole of which we are part, it changes how our instincts inform our actions.

And it makes it possible for us to grasp the teachings of Jesus about loving self, neighbor, and enemy.

Have a listen,


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