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Sunday Service
10:00 a.m.

By Robin Camu

What does the “Heart” or heart center mean?

Heart-dominant people tend to feel first, and then they think and then they know.  We often believe that our feelings always tell us the truth.  But we need the sum total of our feelings, thoughts and instincts to fully know the truth.

What does it mean to nurture your heart?  How can I do it?

Our hearts are like children.  They feel safe and are more likely to “talk” if they know that they will be listened to.  Telling our hearts that what they are feeling is okay and important and do not diminish or repress our feelings is how we can nurture our heart.

Why nurture your heart?

The heart is a center of intelligence for us.  It knows what needs “grieving”.  Ignoring or putting our feelings aside is ignoring 30% of our intelligence. The heart also tells us what we are afraid of, and we are afraid of a lot.  These fears make us tell ourselves stories that are often untrue and project intentions onto others if the fears are not felt and acknowledged.  This is why so often our “stories” coincide with our worst fears.  Listen in to find out more.


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