CTC Clipboard

Help With Coffee on Sunday Morning →

We are looking for folks to help Carole with making coffee every now and then on a Sunday. It takes about 30 minutes, so you’d need to arrive around 9:15. Clean-up takes about 15 minutes, so please plan to stay until 11:30.

Meal Train for Holli Blackwell & Family →

Holli and Fernando have had a second baby. Iris now has a baby brother named Oliver. If you would like to, you can support them through November by cooking a meal or purchasing a restaurant gift card through Meal Train.

Nursery and Preschool Helpers Needed →

We ask our parents to help once each quarter and then welcome anyone else who would like to join in the fun! Volunteers help with story time, crafts, snacks and playtime. You do not have to change diapers or plan lessons. Let Julie know you are interested.

Support the Zschiedrich Family →

The Zschiedrichs have been a part of CTC for over a decade. Many of us know Jodi and Heather and their son Aidan, who is now 15. Unfortunately Aidan has severe scoliosis requiring an operation to correct. They have set up a “go fund me” site to help finance the operation. If the spirit moves you to do so, they would be blessed by any help you can provide.